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Leasing FAQ's



My lease is up, what do I do?

We are here to make this process as seamless and easy for you as possible. It should not give you a headache to decide what to do at the end of your lease. Please give us a call with any questions, because our staff is well versed in the options you have and the process to follow at the end of your lease.



What are the options?

1. Trade your leased vehicle in on a new vehicle
2. Buy your existing vehicle
3. Turn in the lease


I want a new vehicle, can I trade in my leased vehicle on a new one?

Yes, absolutely! You can always use your current leased vehicle as a trade-in on a new or pre-owned vehicle.





When can I get out of my lease and into a new vehicle?

We can often get you out of your lease early. The best way to look into getting out of your leased vehicle early is to setup a time to stop into the dealership and have your leased vehicle appraised. An appraisal usually takes about 30 minutes.


I love my current leased vehicle and want to buy it, what do I do?

Great! We're happy to hear that you love your current vehicle and want to purchase it! The next step would be for you to schedule an appointment to stop in and see one of our finance managers to go over the options to buy out your lease. We work with over 30 different banks that all offer competitive rates.


I want to turn in my lease, what are the steps to do this?

The first step that we recommend when you're looking into turning in your lease is to take advantage of our Free Pre-Lease inspection. What this entails is that one of our professionals will evaluate your vehicle and identify any issues that the leasing company would need addressed at turn in. This is an absolutely free service that we offer our customers so there are no surprises when you turn in your lease. Any issues that would require addressing, we can happily take care of in our service department!



The next step is arranging the assessment of your leased vehicle with the leasing company. There are multiple leasing companies that handle this step in different manners. We recommend giving us a call about this, because we know how each bank prefers to have their inspections arranged and we can guide you through this process.


Lastly, after the inspection has been done you would bring your leased vehicle into the dealership and turn it into one of our management staff. We will then contact your leasing company to let them know you have turned it in and they can arrange its pickup.


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