Advantages Of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil


At Norristown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, your Jeep dealer in PA , we always want our clients to know how to keep their vehicles at peak performance and that includes using synthetic oil. Your engine can contain contaminants such as carbon, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and soot from the combustion process. There is no way around it; these substances will get into motor oil in some form or another. Even though conventional oil and synthetic oil both come from the ground, it is the synthetic oil that is purified, distilled, and broken down in the purest form it can be. This lets your engine oil prevent contaminants from ruining it and keep your engine running how it should.



Our service technicians are factory-trained and proud to use synthetic oil whenever we work on a vehicle. This does a better job of stopping problem-causing substances from entering your engine and hindering your vehicle's performance.

  • Your engine's pistons will be up to 40% cleaner than the industry standard
  • Improve your fuel economy and get a longer driving range
  • Prevent horsepower loss
  • Prevent unnecessary friction
  • Faster low-temperature oil flow, providing protection during times of extreme heat



Synthetic Oil Myths:

The staff at Norristown CDJR, your Jeep dealer in PA , knows that there are a variety of myths that surround using synthetic oil. We want our customers to make sure that they always do their research before they commit to anything, whether that is buying a new vehicle or getting that oil change that your vehicle needs. Some of these false facts include:

  • Your engine's pistons will be up to 40% cleaner than the industry standard You can only use synthetic oil once you switch to it - Feel free to switch to synthetic blends or conventional oils at any time that you want. If you want to top off your oil, we do suggest you use the same type of oil you currently have in there.
  • Don't use synthetic oil in an older model - People think that synthetic oil in an older model will lead to leaking. This simply is not true and using synthetic oil is great for your vehicle no matter the age.
  • Break in your engine with conventional oil before you use synthetic oil - No manufacturer recommends this act, as many brands actually come from the factory outfitted with synthetic oil.
  • Use of synthetic oil voids your warranty - The only engines that specifically don't allow using synthetic motor oil are many of Mazda's rotary engines.

At Norristown CDJR, your Jeep dealers in PA, our service team can't wait to fill your engine up with synthetic oil due to its benefits. Schedule your appointment today and keep your vehicle at peak performance


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